November 8, 2015

“Embodied Intimacy: Physicality and Sexuality” (1 Corinthians 6:12-20) with Jenna and Theo Dyck

Discussion Questions

How can we trust each other with physical touch, and not always worry that it could lead to sex? Are there people other than singles who may be also get boxed out of physical affection because of fear of sexual forwardness?

How can the church be a place where its members’ needs for healthy intimacy are met? How can we support people who struggle with the consequences of sexual brokenness?

How can we teach and model healthy sexuality/healthy expressions of sexuality to children?

Are there any other examples you have seen in your life, or in those around you, where distorted views of sexuality have led to unhealthy thoughts or behavioral patterns? How did/do you/they cope with these?

What can we learn about healthy physical intimacy from the ways in which Jesus touched other people? When has healthy, well-ordered, well-disciplined sexuality led to positive outcomes in your life?

Have you experienced a relationship where the physical, relational, emotional, and spiritual dimensions were in balance? What did this look like? How was this achieved?