What to Expect

If you are looking for a new church home or simply want a place to visit along your faith journey, here is what you can expect at McIvor Church

sunmorningSunday Morning Service

Our 10:00 am service contains singing, Scripture readings, prayer, a sermon, among other creative worship expressions.

speech What are the expectations for when I visit?

If you are visiting with us, there are no expectations, simply an invitation.  You are free to engage on whatever level you are comfortable with.  There is also no expectation to contribute to the financial offering during the service as we are just glad that you are here with us!

What to Wear

As a practical expression of “Come As We Are,” the first part of our Vision at McIvor Church, there is no dress code, so we encourage you to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. For some, this means wearing a suit and tie, and for others, this means jeans and a t-shirt.

Music Style

At McIvor Church, you will find a broad variety of musical styles in our gatherings.  We place a strong emphasis on contemporary music in the rock/pop style while at the same time honoring our rich history of hymnody.

“McIvor Church exists because God chose us in love; To be a Christ-like community that loves God and our neighbor; And declare His message to the world!”