November 1, 2015

“The Story of Sex” (Ephesians 5:22-33) with Pastor Denver Wilson

Discussion Questions:

1) What does it look like for our church to engage in this conversation on sexuality in a way that prioritizes growing in love for one another over proving one’s position? What does it not look like?

2) Consider some situation related to sexuality that raises questions or tension. How does this situation change when it is seen as a family matter, rather than at arm’s length?

3) Is sex a purely private matter? How could the church encourage sharing and accountability in matters of sexuality? What passages from Scripture do you look to for this?

4) How has the church (our church) portrayed different classes of people based on orientation and practices of sexuality? Is this appropriate? What passages from Scripture speak to this? How can McIvor Church invite married people, single people, people of various orientations, etc. on a journey after Jesus together? What would this look like?

5) How does a belief in being engaged to Jesus change one’s thinking and practice of sexuality?