Divine Questions — Summer 2024

2024 Summer Divine Questions

Part of being human is to have questions. The deep, divine questions of our hearts shape our identity. Who we are might be understood as a set of questions and our attempts toward answering those questions: Who am I? Who is God? How should I live today? What is right and wrong? What are we to do about these current social issues? 

As God’s people, we bring our questions to God. So much of our prayer lives are questions—God, can you please help me with this? Can you please do something for this person? What does this mean? What do you want me to do? Why is this happening?

We search the Scriptures for answers. We bring our questions to the Word of God. But what we find time and again, is that as we bring our questions to God, God gives us Himself in answer. And our questions are turned on us—the Word questions us; we are the ones who must answer. Who are we that would question God? What’s so special about us, that we should expect an answer from the Creator of the Universe? What kind of relationship is this? What has happened to give us such standing before the Almighty God? What sacrifice of grace and mercy and condescension has taken place to bring us, full of our questions, into the presence of God?

We come to the Word of God with questions, but when we hear the Word, it is we who are questioned. This dialogue, our conversation with the Divine, is the basis for our identity: we are loved by God, who speaks to us. So when God asks a question of us, our answer determines who we are. 

This summer we will hear some of the divine questions asked in Scripture. Our prayer is that as we engage with the questions Jesus asks of us, we will be filled more deeply by the Holy Spirit with the knowledge of God.

  • July 7:  Who Do You Say That I Am? – Pastor Jon
  • July 14:  Is Anything Worth More Than Your Soul? – Pastor Jon
  • July 21:  LOL! – Andrew Dyck
  • July 28:  Who Is My Mother? Who Are My Brothers? – Theo Dyck
  • August 1:  Who Touched My Robe? – Ingrid Koss
  • August 11:  Is It Right For You To Be Angry? – Pastor Jon
  • August 18: Why Worry About The Speck In Your Friend’s Eye? – Pastor Mikayla
  • August 25:  Don’t You Understand Either? – Matt Janzen
  • August 29:  What Are You Doing Here? – Pastor Kim